There is a lot you need to be thinking about too! This is the time you should be starting or continuing to college search. Click here for a timeline of what you should be doing your junior year in high school!

There are many websites out there to help you in your college searching. Below are just a few that we found easy to navigate and still contain helpful information.

1) The National Center for Education Statistics - College Navigator

2) The College Board - College Search - If you have an existing account from registering for the SAT test, you can log in and save your searches for further reference.

Already have an idea of what college or university you want to research? College representatives also come to CHS to visit you! Listen for announcements and sign up in the counseling office.

Career Planning Information:
As you hopefully know by now, there are a number of paths that individuals can take to obtain jobs and careers. Depending upon the job/career you are interested in pursuing, the training and requirements can look vastly different.

The major types of education/training for careers include:
* On the job
* Apprenticeships
* Technical Schools while in Senior Year of High School- LCCTC
* Post High School Certifications - range from 2 weeks -18 months
* Trade/Technical Schools post high school
* Hospital Based Training Programs
* 2 Year Community Colleges
* 4 Year Colleges and Universities
* Military - Active and Reserve

In order to put yourself in position to be the most successful, you should continue to conduct research using the tools provided above as well as seek out additional opportunities on your own or as part of a class (e.g., job shadowing, interview practice, internships, co-ops, part-time employment, resume creation, etc...)

Did you know?
Students may obtain specialized training in a variety of careers at the Lancaster County CTC that can lead directly to gainful employment. Student tours are held each October so be sure to watch and listen for announcements.